Plum and Cinnamon Mousse With a Knockout Taste

 Plum and Cinnamon Mousse With a Knockout Taste


I’m not a great lover of fresh plums, but once cooked they take on a whole new texture and  tarte mirabelle traditionnelle

have an intensely delicious taste.

Actually, to be totally honest, my plum mousse recipe came about by accident. I was out shopping in my local supermarket the other week when some bright red plums caught my eye. The trouble was they didn’t taste anywhere near as good as they looked. Biting into the flesh was a dismal experience. I expected a mouthful of lush, juicy fruit, but what I got was bland, tasteless mush. So I left them to ripen for a week and tried again. Still no improvement and to make matters worse they looked tired and unappetizing and therefore unlikely to get eaten. There was nothing for it but to stew them.

I don’t know why, but something good happens when you cook plums.

Even those wrinkly skinned plums lurking in the bottom of the fruit bowl will transform into intense juicy pieces of flesh.It has to be said that a generous slug of sloe gin during cooking, greatly adds to the flavour too. Failing that a drop of port or even orange juice will do.

What’s good about this recipe is that you’re really getting two for the price of one. Leave out the cream and egg whites and you’ve got yourself a deliciously fruity conserve. Wonderful spread on croissants, toast and scones and if refrigerated in an airtight jar will keep for a month.

So, if you have some poor old plums no one wants to eat, don’t throw them out, here’s what to do with them…the end result it a pretty pink delicate mousse with a truly knockout taste.


Serves: 2 generous

Effort Level: Easy

Shelf Life: Eat same day


250g tart dark plums

60ml sloe gin (otherwise use port)

50g caster sugar



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