LLC Sol Restoration

Here is our list of the top 7best roofing companies in Houston to help you identify reputable roofers who will actually do a wonderful job on your house for a reasonable price. If you’re planning a home roofing project, think about one of these.

LLC Sol Restoration

Best roofing contractors in Houston; logo for Sol Restoration

Sol Restoration, LLC is a full-service roofing company with a solid reputation in Houston for delivering on its promises. But as the name implies, they are particularly well-suited to deal with wind and hail damage after storms. They have the tools necessary to finish both residential and commercial roofing jobs, guaranteeing that any structure may be brought back to its former splendor. The people at Sol Restoration are a good choice for homeowners who have undergone wear and tear from the elements since they place a strong emphasis on trust and values.

Sky Eagle Roofing

Best roofing companies in Houston, Eagle Eye Roofing logo

Eagle Eye Roofing, a stalwart in the Houston roofing industry with more than ten years of experience, is built on honesty and ethics. Eagle Eye Roofing puts the customer at the center of every project, making sure that their demands are satisfied before the job is officially finished. This company offers standard roofing, custom gutters, as well as roof repair and storm damage services. A professional roofer will consult and work with their client, and Eagle Eye begins every project by talking about design concepts. When working with Eagle Eye, homeowners can be sure that they will receive exactly what they requested.

Contact Eagle Eye Roofing right away.

Water Damage and Butler Roofing

Best roofing contractors in Houston; Butler roofing and water damage logo

Butler Roofing and Water Damage, a dependable roofing contractor who can also assist with water damage, ought to be on your shortlist of people to contact if you ever have any flooding. Butler Roofing will get to the house right away and start working on a fix, whether the problem is water damage brought on by a violent storm, a leak, a plumbing issue, or human mistake. This service can handle roof repairs in addition to water damage, and they provide free roof estimates.

Roofing SmartChoice

Best Houston roofing contractors, Smart Choice Roofing Logo

This Houston roofer is built on a foundation of passion and knowledge. They take delight in teaching the Houston homeowners they work with about their homes and potential new roofing systems since they appreciate what they do and want to give their clients outstanding service. In the end, this helps their clients choose a new roof with greater knowledge. After all, if they don’t utterly adore their brand-new roof and all the little touches that come with it, the project wasn’t a success. On all GAF product lines, this Houston roofing firm also provides extended warranties.

Roofing Telge

finest roofing firms in Houston, according to Telge Roofing

Located roughly 30 minutes outside of Houston, Telge is a roofing company with excellent customer feedback. Due to their extensive experience, they are excellent at recommending the best items based on the homeowner’s budget to guarantee they receive the value they desire. They work on commercial buildings in addition to residential ones and provide roofing cleaning services. Telge Roofing is thus one of your greatest bets for cleaning your roof of all that rubbish if it has a lot of mold or algae on it.

Roofing and restoration company Eldridge, Inc.

Best roofing firms in Houston, Eldridge Roofing logo

If there is one thing the roofers on this list have in common, it’s that the homeowner is always put before the bottom line. This ethos is adhered to by Eldridge, who place “people before profit” on their website. Eldridge is a highly well-rounded contractor since in addition to offering top-notch roofing services, they also provide repair, remodeling, gutter, and blown-in insulation services. Eldridge Roofing is dedicated to genuine quality in the Houston roofing industry and has more than 25 years of experience in the field.

The Wabo Roofing Systems

The logo of Wabo Roofing Systems; the top Houston roofing businesses

Another Houston roofer that specializes in many different areas is Wabo Roofing Systems. Wabo’s wheelhouse includes services for painting, power washing, patios, gutters, windows, drywall, sheetrock, and ventilation. So, if you require a variety of services to be completed quickly, choose Wabo Roofing Systems and opt for the one-stop-shop method.

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