The Best Self Defense Product Under Three Hundred Dollars



Poetic overstatement is the compelling artwork of exaggerating an items’ capacities. It is done constantly on TV, radio and in any promoting. Promoting has made a fine art of it. So has governmental issues. Individuals rake in some serious cash in the promoting industry utilizing poetic overstatement to sell their items. It is not difficult to misrepresent and difficult to sell something simply coming clean when every other person is utilizing poetic overstatement.


So everything that I’m going to say to you might appear to be over the top however it is the straightforward pure truth. The Mace pepper firearm is the best self preservation weapon you can get for under  300 blackout bulk ammo  $100.00, for under $200.00, in any event, for under $300.00 The main thing that comes close is the C-2 taser and that is a cool $300.00


So for what reason is the Mace pepper firearm so successful and the best self preservation item under $300.00?


  1. It has seven 25 foot shots of 10% arrangement of OC (oleoresin capsicum) shower. No other pepper shower has even half so a lot.
  2. It is the best lengthy reach self protection.
  3. It can deal with numerous aggressors/attackers. No other self protection item can.
  4. At $64.95 it is the best worth with good reason against numerous aggressors and canine assaults.
  5. It utilizes replaceable canisters of OC shower.


A shower in the face with OC splash from the Mace pepper weapon and an attacker will shout from the aggravation, his eyes will destroy so terrible they will close, he will hack, experience issues breathing and swear at you. Really awful!


Get a Mace pepper firearm you will be a lot more secure against 2 and 4 legged canines with the best self preservation item under $300.00. When are you getting one?


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