Supplanting a Motherboard On a Laptop

 Supplanting a Motherboard On a Laptop


Supplanting a motherboard on a PC, the explanation could be that you need to update the motherboard of your PC to a superior and more effective one or that it is terrible and can’t be fixed. The most common way of supplanting the motherboard may require up to a few hours relying upon your aptitude and involvement in how to dismantle gadgets.


Prior to beginning the interaction, it is vital you guarantee that the new motherboard is viable with your PC and that you have the right devices to do the cycle. Assuming you have question about the similarity your PC with a specific kind of motherboard, kindly allude to the motherboard manual or go to the producer’s site. Things that you want to do the interaction are a bunch of screwdriver and a viable motherboard.


Stage 1

Switch off your PC, turn off it from power supply and flip around the PC. Open the battery and slide it out from the PC.


Stage 2

Eliminate screws getting the hotness sink and CPU cover, and afterward eliminate the cover. Presently eliminate the screws getting a metal section that is over the CPU heat sink. Eliminate the section holding the hotness sink and lift up the hotness sink from the CPU. Assuming you want to supplant or change the CPU, you can do it immediately. Simply open the CPU attachment by transforming the screw into a vacant position and cautiously lift up the CPU from the attachment on the motherboard


Stage 3

Eliminate the screws holding the memory modules cover and afterward eliminate the cover. To eliminate the memory module, spread the locks on the two sides of the module until it springs up at a point of around 35 degrees. Subsequent to delivering the memory module hold the memory module from its sides and pull out from the attachment. Rehash a similar cycle for the subsequent stick, assuming that there are two memory modules.


Stage 4

Eliminate the screws getting the modem card. Cautiously lift up the modem and disengage the link associated with it.


Stage 5

Eliminate the screw holding the DVD drive and pull the DVD drive from the PC.


Stage 6

Eliminate the screws getting the hard drive cover and pull the hard drive to separate it from the motherboard prior to eliminating it from the PC.


Stage 7

Presently eliminate every one of the screws at the rear of the PC, guarantee that no screw is left.


Stage 8

Turn the PC over and begin eliminating the console. You can involve a level head screwdriver for this interaction. After you have effectively separated all the plastic hooks, lift up the console and eliminate the console bezel. Then, at that point, turn the console over and place it so you can get to the connector on the motherboard. Before you pull the link and eliminate the console, open the connector by moving the lock away from the base, after the connector is open, pull the link and eliminate the console.


Stage 9

Detach the links associating the PC speakers to the motherboard. Eliminate the screws getting the PC speakers and eliminate the speakers.


Stage 10

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