Speak Like a Person With High Self-Esteem

 Speak Like a Person With High Self-Esteem


Have you noticed how differently different people speak? The difference does not only depend on their language, accent or dialect. People with high self-esteem speak differently from people with low self-esteem, even if they come from the same neighbourhood.

People with high self-esteem liv at mb generally use fewer “thinking sounds” (“hmm”, “ehmm” etc.) in their speech.. They also use more direct speech with fewer “insecurity words” such as “like”, “kind of”, “maybe”, “perhaps” or “possibly”. This becomes especially evident when expressing opinions. People with high self-esteem state their opinion directly whereas people with low self-esteem dress their opinions with lots of “could be” or “maybe”. This, in addition to the extra use of thinking sounds, makes people with low self-esteem sound less confident when they express their opinions.

Of course people speak with more or less self-confidence in different situations. You have probably noticed yourself speak in a more insecure way when you are nervous compared to when you feel in full control of the situation.

Your way of speaking and your level of self-esteem (and self-confidence) affect each other in both directions. How confident you feel at any moment affects they way you speak, but your speaking also affects how you feel about yourself. By actively choosing to speak in a more confident manner you can make yourself feel more self-secure. By making it a habit of speaking like a person with high self-esteem, you will raise your own self-esteem.

How would YOU speak if you had higher self-esteem? Are there any specific words that you tend to overuse that you would use less often if your self-esteem was higher? Would you use fewer “thinking sounds”? Think about what kind of language you would like to adopt in order to raise your self-esteem!



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