seeds of support: nurturing growth in nature-inspired church fundraisers

It’s common for faith-based organizations to rely on tithes and donations from their congregations. To better project how much people will give, ask for annual pledges. This approach allows you to plan how to distribute donations throughout the year.

Be proactive in elevating this pledge opportunity to your donors as well, so they can account for it in their personal budgets. For example, throughout the year, send reminders of how much they pledged to give with updates on how church fundraisers they’ve given so far. Then, celebrate with them as they approach their goal and share how their donation dollars church fundraisers impacted your mission.

8. Host a Café

Many faith-based organizations bring their congregation together before services to establish a strong sense of community, typically offering coffee and pastries as an incentive to gather.

These morning cafés are an excellent way for supporters to skip the Starbucks line, mingle church fundraisers others in the congregation, and establish stronger connections with the community.

In many cases, these refreshments are complimentary. However, you could leave an optional tip jar or donation stand for anyone willing to help offset this expense.

9. Support a Parents’ Date Night

Every parent or guardian in your congregation appreciates the occasional break. You can church fundraisers a much-needed night off with a date-night fundraiser.

Recruit volunteers to serve as child care in the children’s area. As a bonus, you could offer an extra night of babysitting to read religious stories to the kids. Then, suggest local date-night ideas so they don’t have to stress about planning.

You could also partner with local restaurants as a fun way to establish community connections and treat your congregation to a meal discount. That simple touch is a great way to show them you care.

Monthly or weekly, include a story of how your faith-based organization has helped a local school, fellow nonprofit, business, or individual.

Then, invite someone directly impacted by your mission to come and share their story. By putting church fundraisers face and name to the impact, your cause resonates in a more meaningful way.

After all, people are typically more willing to give when they understand how it affects the larger picture. In fact, Classy’s  report found that the top factor donors say leads to an excellent donation experience is when a nonprofit clearly explains the impact of their gift. Even if not announced from the stage, these stories of giving can go into your worship bulletin or email newsletter.

11. Organize a Benefit Worship Concert

Worship is likely the most direct way people interact with your organization. This doesn’t church fundraisers to be limited to a weekly service, though—your community can experience worship music any day.

Host a family- friendly benefit concert with a local or touring worship band. That way, concert attendees can enjoy the live music knowing they’ve supported a specific, meaningful cause. You might even attract people who don’t normally attend your organization’s gatherings or church fundraising events.

Then, offer the opportunity for people to fundraise via your peer-to-peer fundraising platform to cover the cost of entry and encourage them to continue fundraising on your organization’s behalf to help expand your reach and engage new audiences.

Event livestreaming is another way to reach beyond the people who can physically attend. You church fundraisers even charge a small online entrance fee to source additional donation opportunities.

12. Get the Kids Involved

Adults aren’t the only ones interested in supporting your cause. Encourage your church’s youth group, kids, and students to give back to build a generous spirit early in life. This helps teach the kids in your community about the power and importance of giving.

Tie these donation opportunities to a practical lesson by inviting kids to donate a small gift or fundraise in their community for a specific cause. This shows each child the church fundraisers that their generosity has made.

13. Offer Legacy Giving

Supporters can build a legacy of giving by including your faith-based organization in their will. While a difficult conversation, especially toward the end of life, you can start planting those seeds as early as you feel appropriate.

You can also bring experts in to provide guidance on finances and estate planning. Helping these individuals get their finances in order helps them feel more secure in their future planning and makes giving back to your community a more realistic option.

14. Give Church Tours

While members of your congregation have likely seen the chapel and the foyers, they’ve probably never seen what goes on behind the scenes.

Offer small church, temple, or synagogue tours to invite your members into the spaces they don’t church fundraisers to experience during services.

You could even raise donations during this tour and tell members how you plan to use those funds. Talk about upgrading the pews or explain which area of the building needs the most attention, such as structural repairs or a parking lot expansion.

15. Host a T-Shirt Fundraiser

Offer supporters the opportunity to represent your good cause. First, design a unique shirt for your organization and sell it to kids, youth, and adults, or host a contest to see who can design the most creative shirt. Then, showcase the winner’s design on every T-shirt sold.

16. Offer Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Why not empower community members and churchgoers to fundraise on your behalf? Peer-to-peer fundraising allows your supporters to create donation pages to raise money for your organization whenever they feel inspired.

Fundraising this way can be a powerful tool to expose your church to new audiences that might not be familiar with your work. In fact, Classy’s internal platform data found that 80% of donors to a peer-to-peer campaign on Classy are brand new to the nonprofit. Unlock that giving potential to fuel your goals.

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