Review of Forex Brotherhood – SCAM Or the Real Deal?

 Review of Forex Brotherhood – SCAM Or the Real Deal?


If you are looking for an in depth source or “one stop shop” for all your Forex trading needs you will find it with Forex Brotherhood. This is not your run of the mill one Is broker legit  time download program that gives you a tool and then leaves you largely on your own to learn to use it. What it is, is a support system created by an actual Forex trader for those who are or want to become Forex traders.

Unlike many Forex scam artists Jason Alan Jankovsky, the driving force behind Forex Brotherhood is a real trader who has been involved with equities and currency trading since 1986. Jason lives in Chicago and has written two books on the subject of trading (real published books, not some shabby e-books). You may find the books on or perhaps even in one of your specialized local bookstore. Look for: “The Art of the Trade: What I Learned (and Lost) Trading the Chicago Futures Market” and “Trading Rules that Work: The 28 Lessons Every Trader Must Master”

In review, this system is a one stop shop. Check out some of the things that are included as part of your monthly subscription:

A personal phone call from Jason Alan Jankovsky welcoming you to the brotherhood (or sisterhood as the case may be).

2 live webinars daily so that you have up to date information and can see actual transactions being made before your eyes.

2 daily reports to educate you about the trading process-these reports are designed to help you learn to think like a trader and see recognize trends and understand the reasoning behind various trading options and opportunities.

One on one help sessions to get you started on your way to life as a member of the Forex Brotherhood.

Forum access to the VIP forum and chat rooms so that you can network with and learn from the successes and failures of other Forex traders in the brotherhood. Review existing programs together and warn one another of a scam or two on the market.

An eBook: Top 10 Mistakes Forex Traders Make



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