Keeping Kids Away From Guns – Gun Control in the Home

 Keeping Kids Away From Guns – Gun Control in the Home


Two issues of high importance in this country, gun control and children’s health, have come together in many debates. Injury due to firearms is the second leading cause of non-natural deaths among children and adolescents.  38 super ammo  Gun safety and security are of high priority to most gun owners, especially parents.

So the question remains: how do we protect our right to bear arms and keep our children safe at the same time?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 1.69 million children live in homes where firearms have not been put in safe places.

And a separate study estimates that 30% of firearms are stored loaded and unlocked. Locking up guns in a gun safe is often viewed as the best way to keep firearms safely stored away, but they still have to be used properly.

Accidents can happen when children find the key to the safe or guess a combination. Furthermore, if the guns are stored in the same place as the ammunition, a child need only get through one security measure to be in a potentially deadly situation.

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